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             North East


CPRE - N East

CPRE - Durham

CPRE - Darlington

Meets Quarterly

Usually 1st Monday

of month

Usually 3rd Tuesday

of month

CPRE Proposed meeting dates


CPRE Northumberland

CPRE Durham

CPRE Darlington

Tues 8th Jan 19

Thurs 17th Jan

Mon 4th Feb 19

Tues 15th Jan 19

Wed 17th Apr 19

Thurs 11th April

Mon 1st Apr 19

Tues 19th Feb 19

Wed 10th July 19, including AGM

Thurs 23rd May

Mon 3rd June 19

Tues 19th Mar 19

Mid Oct 19

Thurs 18th July

Mon 5th Aug 19

Tues 16th Apr 19

Mon 7th Oct 19

Tues 21st May 19

Mon 2nd Dec 19

Tues 18th June 19

Tues 16th July 19

Tues 27th Aug 19

(one week later)

Tues 17th Sept 19

Tues 15th Oct 19

Tues 19th Nov 19

Tues 17th Dec 19