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Current policy:

Planning policy webpage:

The existing development plan is made up of a number of documents (Local Plans) that were put in place for the former districts of County Durham before the local authority was unitised in 2009.  Local Plans are statutory planning documents which shape the development policy for a particular area for land-use, development and protection.

Together, these existing Local Plans, set out information on how planning and development is currently managed. Saved policies in these Local Plans will continue to influence planning and development decisions until the County Durham Plan replaces them.

There are seven Local Plans for County Durham plus a Minerals Plan and a Waste Plan. They are listed below:

 Chester-Le-Street Local Plan

 Derwentside Local Plan

 Durham City Local Plan

 Easington Local Plan

 Sedgefield Local Plan

 Teesdale Local Plan.

 Wear Valley Local Plan

 Minerals Local Plan

 Waste Local Plan

Given the timescale for introducing the County Durham Plan, and the dated nature of some of the above local plan policies, there is a degree of uncertainty in determining planning proposals.  A Policy Position Statement (revised and approved by Cabinet in April 2016) has, therefore been prepared to set out how planning proposals will be assessed, thus providing for more consistency and certainty. It includes guidance on matters such as:

 the status of local planning documents,

 five-year housing land supply, and

 infrastructure requirements and planning obligations.

Future policy: County Durham Local Plan

Planning policy webpage:

County Durham Plan paused

On 5th December Durham County Council announced progress of the Plan has been “paused”.  There is an announcement at, and on the consultation portal: where it says

“5th December 2016

After the Issues and Options consultation on the County Durham Plan earlier in the year, Durham County Council was aiming to seek Cabinet approval to consult in the New Year on a preferred option.

The Government are set to publish a Housing White Paper in January which is expected to fundamentally change the number of houses that councils are required to plan for as well as other substantial changes to the planning process.  The significance of the changes has only just been communicated and therefore the decision has been made to pause the process until the full extent of the White Paper is understood before further consultation is carried out. 

Whilst incredibly disappointing,  the decision to pause the process now is the only one we could make given the fundamental changes that may be included in the White Paper. It is important that people have the most up to date and robust information so that the consultation is meaningful in planning for the future of their county.

A new timescale will be identified in the New Year following publication of the White Paper.”

(Website 6th December 2016)

There has already been consultation on:

County Durham Plan Issues and Options, June 2016

Durham Planning Latest News